When a room turns into a wardrobe

When a young family wants to build a new home, there’s often a long list of wishes - and sometimes, not all of them can be fulfilled at once. As Nadine and Michael Weckerle are making plans for their own home on the outskirts of Munich, it soon becomes clear what their priorities are: The lady of the house needs to have her own dressing room. Her beloved husband, a professional athlete, stores his clothes in his own fitness room - that way, both he and his wife have their own space.

A whole room for dresses, jewellery, perfumes, handbags and shoes...

Which woman doesn’t dream about replacing her wardrobe with a dressing room?

As a flight attendant working for the largest German airline, Nadine enjoys constantly being on the move. One of her favourite destinations is New York, where she recently spent a couple of days with her husband and two sons. Back in Munich, however, she often realises that there truly is no place like home. In her case, this is probably because she and her husband have moved into their own house on the outskirts of the city, which they have fully decorated in accordance with their wishes. “My husband and I have the same taste”, she emphasises. “He doesn’t appreciate rough concrete surfaces but likes marble and chandeliers - just like I do. During the construction phase, we never had any arguments: I did the research and made suggestions to him, and he agreed with me.”

She has practically inherited her sense of beauty and glamour from her mother, who owned a small jewellery shop. It is therefore not surprising that she and her sister - who also works as a flight attendant today - first completed professional training as jewellers. As both of them are currently on maternity leave, they have founded Jenna Jewlery, an online jewellery shop. In addition, Nadine Weckerle considers her Instagram account, which identifies her as an influencer, as her third source of income. “Over the course of the last two years, this has turned into a real job which I hugely enjoy. I get to know amazing products which I would otherwise probably not have access to. And because I am my own boss, I can manage my time just like I want to. In any case, it never gets boring”, she notes, laughing.


This is also because she now frequently replaces her beloved Chanel handbags with a changing bag: Her sons Henri, four years old, and Romeo, almost a year old, take up most of Nadine’s time and demand a lot of attention - not to mention her pug Molli.

Family First

“At the moment, my family is of course my top priority”, the young mother states. It is therefore all the better that she doesn’t have to hide away her extravagant clothes, her pretty shoes and precious handbags in wardrobes but can openly present them in a custom-made dressing room made by CABINET: “That way, I can take pleasure in seeing my clothes every morning without wearing them every day.” She became aware of the CABINET solution when doing research on the internet, as it became clear to her that it wouldn’t be possible to utilise the available space optimally to the full extent with a regular wardrobe. In light of the real estate prices in and around Munich, however, making every square metre count is absolutely necessary.

For young and old

Thanks to her dressing room, she has reached that goal and has also made a long-standing dream of hers come true. The Weckerles were so pleasantly surprised by the quality and service of CABINET that they also opted to have further wardrobes and shelves installed in the children’s rooms and in the entrance area of their new home. Because as everyone knows, you can never have enough storage space. This especially applies to the dressing room: apart from one compartment, which she has ‘generously’ agreed to let her husband have, the whole room is filled with her clothes, shoes, and accessories. “Michael has got his fitness room in the basement. There’s a large wardrobe in there where he has more than enough space for his things”. Thus, everyone gets what they need in the Weckerle family.

"I was thrilled to see how fast an empty room could be turned into a genuine dressing room - much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.”

Nadine Weckerle
36 years old, from Munich