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Now we can do it hanging! Custom-built hanging cabinets are an often underrated space-saving miracle that fits beautifully into just about any room design. They’re flexible enough to provide ample storage space in even the smallest rooms – without taking up any floor space. They are visually lightweight, leaving the room looking much airier and more spacious.

Whether it’s books, vases, DVDs, fine wines or your favourite collectibles... all your treasures will find ample space in a custom-built hanging cabinet. And with CABINET, you get ultimate freedom of design, so you can choose between open or closed systems and select handles, handle-free options, rotary doors, drawers and open compartments.

Hängeschrank mit Drehtüren in Brombeertönen von CABINET
Hängeschrank nach Maß mit Drehtüren in Beerentönen von CABINET
Hängeschrank nach Maß weiß von CABINET

A custom-built hanging cabinet
reflects your personal style

giving your favourite display items an even more impressive appearance. With all these possibilities, from the colour and material options to the lighting and everything in between, you can turn your custom-built hanging cabinet into a truly one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

The hanging cabinets can be customized not only in height and width but also in depth, so asymmetrical designs are also available upon request. Moreover, additional LED spotlights (either square or round) provide warm lighting,

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Seeing and providing feedback

Be inspired by the many possibilities
of hanging cabinets by CABINET

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Individual equipment
make each CABINET unique

Only with your ideas will a piece of furniture become your personal wardrobe made to measure. Design your dream cabinet from the endless possibilities of CABINET. Your style - your CABINET.

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