Made in Germany

CABINET stands for the highest possible standards - not only with regard to the materials, but also concerning the production and installation of the custom-built cabinets.

High-quality materials, modern production technology and in particular flawless manual processing are the basis for CABINET’s exquisite built-in wardrobes and cupboards, designed and manufactured ultra-precisely. The outstanding quality manifests itself even in the tiniest detail. This is because our customer advisers, designers, craftsmen and technicians put all their heart, knowledge and experience into their work each and every single day.

Outstanding quality produced in Kerpen-Buir

There’s a reason why at CABINET, we like to use the word manufacture when talking about our production process: Apart from powerful computers and ultra-modern machines, what plays a major role is the manual labour we put in, the genuine passion we have for our work as well as the people we collaborate with.

“I have been working in CABINET’s door department since 2003. Here, I can see the customer’s wishes come true in the designs that I work on.”

Thomas Schiffer,
employed with CABINET for more than 10 years

Manual labour and high tech

For that to happen, however, ultra-modern technology must first be used. In production preparation, the data from CABIEsoft, CABINET’s planning software, is taken over and transformed into a so-called “nest” by means of CAD programmes. Similar to pattern charts, this ensures the perfect distribution of even the smallest piece on the large plates with a thickness of 22 millimetres, before the latter are put into the CNC machines. Here, every element is processed ultra-precisely and any holes are drilled which, for example, are required to attach fittings or install shelves.

Sustainable forestry

“For many customers, it’s not only important that their CABINET is made in Germany”, says Andrea Kraft, who has been a CABINET partner in Augsburg since 2011. “They also want to know where the materials come from. I am proud to be able to say that the wood we work with originates from sustainable forestry. In practice, this means that the forest areas our wood comes from are subsequently reforested.”

To offer a broad range of products and make every wish come true, no matter how unusual it may be, it is essential to work with a large number of different suppliers. “We receive our materials from a total of about 400 partners”, explains Frank Nowicki, board member at CABINET. “This includes everything from wood to fittings, lighting and handles up to décors. We especially focus on ensuring that delivery routes are kept short: About 80 per cent of our raw materials come from within Germany. Anything that’s not available here is supplied from the Netherlands, Belgium or Italy.” This is not only part of sustainable management; at CABINET, it also serves to maintain customer satisfaction: Shorter transport routes not only reduce the CO2 footprint but also shortens delivery times.

Skilled installation staff

Once all individual parts are finished and packaged, they must be transported to the customer’s location and assembled there. This is a challenging task for which our installation staff are thoroughly trained, including technical issues as well as some dos and don’ts. “For our customers, this also plays an important role”, Andrea Kraft emphasises. “Installation is done by competent experts who make sure once they leave that the place of installation looks as if they had never been there.”

“Many customers consider it important that their CABINET and the materials are made in Germany.”

Andrea Kraft, Interior Consultant
has been a CABINET partner in Augsburg since 2011.