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What does a CABINET cost?
The customer determines the price, as a CABINET is always individually planned, designed and manufactured.

A CABINET is always a made-to-measure furniture system. Therefore, the price depends on the degree of customisation and detail selected, the materials used, the desired equipment and accessories and also the total measurements. The entry-level price – for example for a two-door CABINET wardrobe – is around 2,500 euros.

You can find price examples for a large number of cabinet options in our idea finder on the page pricing made-to-measure.

What is the difference between CABINET and a joinery?
CABINET has specialised in ONE system for more than three decades; the design, manufacturing and installation of its made-to-measure storage space solutions. CABINET can therefore be uniquely diverse in every detail.

Moreover, CABINET acts as a trendsetter and an inspiration, enabling customers to find new products and style collections, presented in appealing displays at CABINET specialist retailers every year.

CABINET works not only with wood but above all with a broad variety of high-grade and constantly new types of surface. These include: UV-printed glass, bamboo cane veneer, iridescent high-tech material, rust, genuine concrete veneer and lots more.

After all, CABINET offers its customers a unique all-round service in all matters:

  • Professional and personal consulting with an exclusive specialist retailer
  • High degree of individualisation and detailing
  • Countless beautiful, useful extra features
  • 3D computer planning, including a specific cost breakdown
  • Measuring at the customer’s home
  • Made-to-measure production, down to the last millimetre
  • Installation by specialised and experienced CABINET professionals
  • Guarantee
What does the purchasing process of a CABINET look like?
You can have your perfectly custom-designed CABINET dream wardrobe in just five steps: the personal meeting with your specialist retailer, the measuring at your home, the subsequent true-to-scale 3D planning, the punctual delivery and the installation. You also receive a ten-year guarantee.

You consider for which purpose you will need your CABINET, which functions it should have and how big it should be. Are you looking for a room divider, a sideboard, a wardrobe custom-made to fit around a corner or even a walk-in wardrobe? What do you want to keep, store away or perhaps highlight in your CABINET? Which colours and materials do you like? Which additional features and details are important to you?

You can then take this highly personal wish list or perhaps even an initial sketch and some approximate measurements to the appointment arranged with your CABINET specialist retailer. At your nearest specialist retailer, you can draw inspiration from their large, appealing visual display and ask for some professional advice.

Once all the details have been discussed and coordinated, you place your order with CABINET to manufacture your own personalised furniture system. Practically every detail of your CABINET will be specially manufactured. To ensure that everything really fits exactly in the end, trained CABINET staff measure the future location professionally and precisely before finalising the planning process. Your retailer then designs a 3D model of your desired piece of system furniture, including a detailed breakdown of the total costs.

Even though each individual component of your wardrobe is specially made for you at our manufacturing plant after your order has been received, as a rule we deliver and install your CABINET within six to eight weeks, at the agreed date. Experienced experts install the CABINET system directly at your home, enabling CABINET to make sure that everything functions perfectly. The installation is only complete when you are satisfied with the work in every respect.

A new CABINET is always a thing of joy – for many long years. You can be absolutely sure of that, because CABINET gives you a ten-year guarantee on the entire roller technology.

Where is CABINET manufactured?
The individually designed CABINET system furniture is made at the CABINET manufacturing plant in Kerpen, near Cologne.

This is where room dividers and wardrobe systems are created with a wealth of experience, sense of style and trendsetting know-how, perfectly customised to suit the needs of their owners. From the surfaces of the sliding and hinged doors to the smallest detail of an accessory, every element is made with millimetric precision, exclusively for CABINET customers. Every wardrobe is therefore a unique piece, exclusively made to suit our customers’ needs and individual tastes.

Can I also decide to install a CABINET wardrobe myself?
This work is exclusively carried out by our trained CABINET installation specialists.

The high and sustainable quality of an individually designed, made-to-measure piece of CABINET system furniture is not just dependent on the materials used, but also on the expert and precise installation of the various wardrobe components. The installation may therefore only be carried out professionally by specially trained CABINET experts and you also receive a ten-year guarantee on the perfect functioning of the doors.

Can I move house with a CABINET built-in wardrobe?

Due to its high degree of customisation, detailing and design, the CABINET system is so flexible that in most cases it can be newly adapted and, if required, supplemented to fit in almost anywhere – both inside and out, from the smallest of details to doors, etc.

Where do I find CABINET?

Experience the inspiring world of CABINET at a specialist retailer in your area, where you can visit the large, appealing displays and discover practically endless possibilities with a range of beautiful wardrobe examples. You will see how CABINET can fulfil your dream of order with beauty.

Find your CABINET specialist retailer here: Dealer search

Do I have to anticipate additional costs for the site measurements at my home?

No, as the measurements as well as all personal consultation and installation on site are included in our all-around service provided. Therefore, usually no further costs incur.

Expected duration until the installation of my built-in wardrobe?

Each built-in wardrobe by CABINET is manufactured for you in our manufacturing plant in Kerpen, near Cologne. The standard lead time for our wardrobes to be ready to be installed at your dwelling is six to nine weeks upon order placement.

What colours are available at CABINET?

Thanks to our door panelling made of painted glass, the CABINET wardrobe fronts may be delivered in just about all RAL-colours. In addition, we are able to offer special materials such as real wood, concrete or wallpaper for the doors, which allows us to realise practically all requests.

15 different décors are also available for the interior systems, allowing the interior of the wardrobe to be matched with the wardrobe front. Furthermore, we provide different door and drawer handles as well as matching edges allowing you to profit from the almost endless design array at CABINET.

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