Corner Cabinet

Another option, CABINET is able to provide: Ample storage room provided by customised corner cabinets adapted to specific spaces. This option allows to simply transform an unused corner to a surprisingly helpful storage space that convinces not only with its appearance, but also its functionality.

Customised CABINET corner cabinets adapt to the overall design of the space, and give each dwelling a unique charm. With CABINET’s perfect precision work, every millimetre of the available space in the room is utilised efficiently, so no valuable storage room is wasted.

maßgefertigter Eckschrank weiß skandinavischer Stil
Eckschrank nach Maß mit Glas-Oberflächen von CABINET
Eckschrank nach Maß skandinavisch in Holz und Hellgrau von CABINET
Eckschrank nach Maß mit individuellem Motiv von CABINET
Maßgefertigter Eckschrank in Eiche Echtholz und Beton von CABINET

Unique and individualised
corner cabinets by CABINET are one of a kind

Behind intriguing sliding doors, the customised corner cabinet hides a variety of options to choose from freely at CABINET. Additional drawers for accessories and towels are also available, as well as the installation of shoe racks and garment lifts. Giving the enthusiasts of fascinating cabinetry the chance to design the cabinet according to their preferences, CABINET has a huge “building kit” containing an unlimited variety of colours,

textures and décors to allow the design of doors and interiors to be perfectly matched and harmonised. This is why, for example, the glass colour of the sliding door can also be found on the glass of the customised drawer fronts in the interior. Furthermore, high quality wood-types, elegant wallpaper or robust leathers as well as attractive surfaces painted in all RAL colours are available for doors and interiors.

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Seeing and providing feedback

Be inspired by the many possibilities
of a customised corner cabinet by CABINET

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Individual equipment
make each CABINET unique

Only with your ideas will a piece of furniture become your personal wardrobe made to measure. Design your dream cabinet from the endless possibilities of CABINET. Your style - your CABINET.

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