Hinged doors and sliding doors made-to-measure

How do you turn a wardrobe into a beautifully designed one-off whose doors we love to open every morning? With a variety of colours and materials, clever storage options and individually manufactured wardrobe doors with high-quality workmanship. In addition to the patented sliding door system, CABINET also offers practical hinged doors to make the most of even small niches and tricky corners. The same applies to both: they are designed entirely according to the customer's wishes.

Discover the versatile possibilities for your built-in wardrobe and find out which wardrobe doors are the right ones for your project:

Smooth-running sliding doors

For any room

No matter whether it’s behind a ceiling beam, in front of a high-pile carpet or in particularly narrow rooms: sliding doors have no swing radius and can be installed almost anywhere. This means they give you storage space even in places where a standard cupboard often can’t be fitted.

Walk-in on request

Having a lot of space is a dream. But with the right planning and a little creativity, even small rooms can look good. The special thing about CABINET: our sliding doors are always detached from the carcass. This means even the smallest of spaces can have a walk-in wardrobe.

Rooms cleverly divided

A custom-made room divider is a great way to visually separate individual areas without having to add more walls. Our room dividers are designed so that each side can be created to match the ambience of the room.

Screen at the touch of a button

A CABINET sliding door can even turn into a screen. What does it take? A door equipped with the innovative CABImedia system. The clincher: with just one touch of a button, the sliding door can be transformed into a TV so you can easily stream your favourite series and films on the cabinet.

Practical hinged doors

Elegant thanks to Tip-On

Sometimes it needs to be very simple and inconspicuous. Cabinet doors with clever Tip-On technology look particularly elegant here. Without any frames or handles, the result is a flat, serene front. Light pressure is enough for the doors to easily and elegantly open. Even ceiling-high doors can be opened and closed effortlessly. If it’s the classic door handle, the customer can choose from a wide range of options.

Wardrobe with panoramic view

Equipped with 160-degree hinges, the cabinet doors can be opened with the greatest possible amount of clearance. This is how CABINET offers the perfect overall view wherever you need it: in a large dressing room in the bedroom or in a compact sideboard in the living area.

Tricky corners

Even when sliding doors reach their spatial limits, the cabinet doors offer assistance. This means that a storage space solution under the stairs or a particularly narrow cupboard can also be made-to-measure.

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