Hinged doors made-to-measure

For even more flexibility with regard to the design of your own wardrobe, CABINET also offers customised hinged doors, allowing to transform even the most tricky nooks and corners into practical storage space. Special 160 degree hinges allow to open the wardrobe particularly far. CABINET always provides the perfect overview, wherever it is needed: for the spacious dressing area in the bedroom, or the practical sideboard or high board in the living area alike.

Closet with a panoramic view

Equipped with 160-degree hinges, the cupboard doors can be opened with the greatest possible freedom. In this way, CABINET offers the perfect overview wherever you need it: in the large dressing room in the bedroom as well as in the compact sideboard in the living area. Even where sliding doors reach their spatial limits, the cupboard doors can help. A storage space solution under the stairs or a particularly narrow cupboard can now be made to measure.

Custom made and individual

The customer has a free hand when it comes to equipment and appearance. Why not combine a custom made closet with open compartments and drawers? This gives the storage space solution a dynamic look. Custom-made and individually planned, no wish remains unfulfilled when it comes to the design of the surfaces. The choice of materials ranges from real wood with its natural structures to glass in various nuances and the finest leather, which acquires character over time through a delicate patina.

Tip-on technique

Cupboard doors with clever tip-on technology look particularly classy. A flat and calm front is created without any handles. A light push is enough and the doors open effortlessly and elegantly at the same time. Floor-to-ceiling doors can also be opened and closed effortlessly. If it is the classic door handle, the customer can choose from a wide range of variants.

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