Built-in cabinet in a design of your choosing

Do you want a very special eye-catching piece for your home? Something that has been made individually for you and reflects your personality? Then CABINET is just the thing for you. Whether concrete, reclaimed wood, textile, rust look or your own design – there is almost nothing that doesn’t look sophisticated on a CABINET door. Our CABIprint printing process gives your creativity free rein to express yourself wall-high. Your favourite photo from your honeymoon, a picture of the beach of your dreams, a child’s drawing that you have grown fond of or a particularly unusual pattern – whatever you like!

Cabinet Einbauschrank mit Motiv nach Wunsch - 4-türig
Cabinet Schrank nach Maß mit Motiv nach Wunsch - 4-türig

Unique pieces with your choice of design

CABIprint can be used over the entire surface of the cabinet or specifically on individual doors. You can even split the doors crosswise, so the design can also be put onto the top or bottom side of the cabinet door if desired. Whatever you want, we make it possible.

For CABIprint cabinet doors, you can choose from three different high-quality decors: for an elegant look, the desired design is printed behind glass. Print on fabric gives the built-in cabinet a very special feel. And those who prefer a minimalistic look will love the scratch-resistant film with its clear surface and precise colour reproduction.

More inspiration for your wardrobe systems

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