Individuality with a system


GRANDE interior design is made of an innovative and particularly sturdy light-weight material. For this purpose, a matching range of surfaces and edgings offer a greater array of design options.

Fig.: Alabaster Strukture Decor


The interior system SPACIO is the system with the most light-weight appearance among our interior systems. This system can be complemented with many useful accessories such as rollable drawers, garments lifts or glass shelves.

Fig.: Satin gray structure Decor


The classic among our interior systems. A wide range of extra features is available that are versatile and can be used according to your individual requirements.

Fig.: Glossy White finished

What is so special about CABINET? Due to the high degree of design flexibility, doors with hinges and sliding doors can come in customised designs, and the interior can also be personalised in every detail. This allows you to select your personal preferences from three different interior systems, 15 décors and more than 30 different edge profiles. Our experienced and specialised CABINET retailers will of course be happy to assist you in finding the suitable solution for you that meets your expectations and requirements.

Our selection

of decors

Whether it is for the customised built-in wardrobe or rather the separate dressing room - CABINET provides 15 different décors from which you can select your favourites.

The matching edge profile

for your built-in wardrobe

The edge profile of CABINET seals visible trimmed edges and gives the customised built-in wardrobe a one of a kind character. Whether it is matched with the interior décor or extravagantly as colour accentuation - with more than 30 different edging variations, almost all requests can be realised.