Walk-in Closets

begehbare Kleiderschränke for women and men

  • Walk-in dressing room for her and him
  • Door programme: PLANO sliding doors with “Tokyo Rosé“, “Cavallo Crema“ and “Merino Gray“ panelling, as well as in black anodised aluminium frames
  • Dressing rooms ideally tailored to suit her and his preferences

  • Walk-in dressing room 
  • Door programme: VOLPENDO floating doors with colored glas in "Parsol Grey“
  • Interior system: INTERIOR in grey
  • Elegant light stripes and square spotlights ensure a perfect illumination

white Walk-in dressing room with lowboard
  • Walk-in closet in white colour with a chest of drawers in the centre
  • Door programme: PLANO sliding doors in “Mirror Silver” panelling with chrome-plated frame
  • The bottom rails are let into the floor.
  • Interior system: GRANDE in white colour with “Glass Optics Super White” edge configuration
  • Features: Drawers without handles with clever tap-on function, recessed LED lighting (CABlline) as well as a practical aluminium trouser pull-out.
Walk-in wardrobe with room dividers

  • Walk-in wardrobe with an exterior corner
  • PINATO frame programme painted in “Cream White” 
  • Door panelling: Painted glass in colour “Egg Shell”
  • Interior system: VARIO “Oak Aragon Décor“
  • Ceiling rail veneer with contoured stucco moulding painted in the same colour as the door frame.
  • Features: Illuminated floors with recessed LED spotlights (CABlspot-Flat), drawers with soft self-close mechanism as well as pull-out tie racks

[Translate to en:] Ankleidezimmer mit Schiebetüren Landhausstil
  • Walk-in wardrobe with open shelves and PINATO sliding doors in “Cream White”
  • PINATO sliding doors available in almost all colour variations
  • Interior: INTERIOR “Cherry Décor“
  • Special features: pull-out shelves, garment lifts and CABlline LED lighting system
  • For additional comfort: Drawers with soft self-close mechanism, and pull-out shoe shelves
[Translate to en:] Ankleidezimmer weiß
  • Interior system: GRANDE with exquisite glass fronts and matching glass optics edging
  • Door programme: PINATO “Cream White”, upon request with or without panelling - available painted in any colour of choice
  • Special features: Drawers with glass fronts, LED drawer lighting, linear LED luminaries, feminine Swarovski handles, practical garment lifts and pull-out shoe racks
  • To add even more storage space: a matching chest of drawers of the same style in the centre
[Translate to en:] Ankleidezimmer extravagant
  • Interior system: INTERIOR “White Structure“ with matching glass optics edge in “Super White“
  • Frameless glass panel painted with colour of choice
  • Special feature: CABIline lighting

A combination of pure elegance and high quality. When it comes to lifestyle, a customised walk-in wardrobe has been a much-sought-after dream for many women. And now this dream can become reality with CABINET. The fact is that it often takes just an empty corner or unused space in the apartment to be transformed into a true marvel of storage area with the proper design and know-how by a team of experts.

With a great variety of special features such as the practical bag boxes or the specially designed pull-out shelves, a walk-in wardrobe by CABINET does not only provide more storage space within your own four walls, but also adds a touch of luxury with the choice of high-quality materials.

Walk-in closets that fascinate - with CABINET, trendy handbags, exquisite evening gowns and matching accessories are shown in the best light.

Due to the high degree of design flexibility at CABINET, the appearance of the walk-in wardrobe can be adapted to the individual style of the dwelling without disrupting the spatial concept. The manifold of different materials and colours ensures that your personal preferences are met precisely.

Furthermore, a walk-in wardrobe by CABINET provides more storage room for your garments, shoes and accessories. Upon request, it can be customised with different dressing mirrors and make-up tables. The interior of the walk-in wardrobe can also be designed individually: CABINET provides a range of different options that add structure to the closet and assign a special place to each piece of garment.

Walk-in Closets