Room Dividers

[Translate to en:] Raumteiler in Spiegel Bronze Matt
  • Room divider in the PLANO frame programme in chrome-plated finish
  • Door panelling: Mirror “Bronze Matte etched” with fluted bevel
  • Interior mix: GRANDE “Walnut Tobacco Décor“ and “White Structure“
[Translate to en:] Raumteiler ohne Bodenschienen in Eiche Natur
  • Customised room divider doors without floor rail
  • Door programme: SOLPENDO “Natural Oak Veneered“ with integrated recessed handle
  • Also available sliding on rails between the ceiling and the floor
[Translate to en:] Raumteiler Spiegel Silber und Spiegel Grau Matt
  • Room divider from the PLANO door programme in chrome-plated finish
  • Door panelling in “Mirror Gray Matte etched” and “Mirror Silver”
  • Interior system: SPACIO “White Structure“ with “Aluminium 3D“ edging
[Translate to en:] Raumteiler Glas Superweiß mit Chrom-Rahmen
  • Room divider from the VOLTUNO door programme in chrome-plated finish
  • Door panelling in colour “Glass Super White”
[Translate to en:] Raumteiler ohne Bodenschiene Glas
  • Room divider with almost noiseless operation of sliding doors
  • Door programme: VOLPENDO (hinged doors without bottom rails) in combination with SOLO (frameless door programme)
  • Interior system: INTERIOR in “White Structure“ with glass optics edging in “Aluminium Optics“
  • Additional centre block in “Walnut Tobacco Décor” for even more storage space

A clever solution to divide larger spaces in the apartment without having to install new walls: A customised room divider by CABINET. New rooms are simply created with our customised room dividers. Individual living spaces are separated with visual borders.

It goes without saying that a room divider by CABINET does not impress merely by its appearance. After accurate measurements are taken by our expert team, large spaces are divided with precision, and special storage solutions are gained that provide room for your most favourite things.

One becomes two - with a CABINET room divider, space dilemmas can be professionally solved with style.

Thanks to the most innovative technology, the customised room divider can be designed just as you like. A wide range of different options allows to coordinate the cabinets with the complete interior of your own four walls. Different types of surface finishes, colours and materials conjure up a one of a kind customised room divider with a captivating design. The customised room divider impresses also with regard to functionality provided by a range of different features typical to CABINET. Pull-out tie racks, LED strips and practical hangers are only three of the many different options provided at CABINET.

Instant customised (storage) space solutions at CABINET: The clever idea to simply cover nooks with sliding doors has been implemented at the cabinet manufacture for centuries. Design collections serve as inspiration only, as there are virtually no limits to the design of your own cabinet or wardrobe system at this traditional enterprise.

Room Dividers made-to-measure