Built-in Wardrobe

  • Timeless elegance: Customised 3-door built-in wardrobes in “Modern Contemporary” design
  • The Rubi-Antigua door panelling provides the built-in wardrobe a pleasantly soft feel
  • Door programme: LINEA with aluminium frame in brass colour top off the design
[Translate to en:] Maßgefertigter Schrank mit Glastüren
  • 4-door built-in wardrobe with elegant glass fronts in colour “Super White“
  • Door programme: VOLTUNO with chrome-plated aluminium frame
  • Interior system: GRANDE made of extra-thick, dimensionally stable light-weight panels with matching edging design in colour “Glass Optics Super White“
  • Special features: Drawers with soft self-close mechanism and recessed LED floor light strip
[Translate to en:] 8-türiger Schrank nach Maß
  • 8-door GIRADO built-in wardrobe with practical hinged doors
  • Large opening range possible due to the 160 degree hinges
  • Additional drawer chest in matching design
[Translate to en:] Maßgefertigter Schrank mit Drehtüren für das Schlafzimmer
  • Door programme: GIRADO with interior system in colour “Oak Chalk Décor“
  • Centre part panelling in colour “Glass Super White”
  • Outer part panelling in colour “Rococo Gold”
[Translate to en:] Raumteiler nach Maß von CABINET
  • 3-door built-in wardrobe as room divider
  • Door programme: PLANO in “Silver“ version
  • Panelling in colour “Oak Aragon Décor“
  • Interior system: INTERIOR in colour “White“
[Translate to en:] Einbauschrank mit individuellen Türen
  • 4-door built-in wardrobe in “Jungle Swing“ design
  • Sliding doors with frame programme MILANO in “Golden Beige“
  • Door panelling: Italian design wallpaper (motifs of your own possible)
[Translate to en:] Einbauschrank über die ganze Wand
  • Customised 4-door built-in wardrobe in soft cream and wood tones
  • Door programme: PINATO painted in “Cream White”
  • Door panelling: “Oak Chalk Décor“ combined with the cream-coloured surface “Garden Rue Alabaster“ (upholstered faux leather)
  • Customised built-in wardrobe in Scandinavian style
  • Door programme: PINATO with panelling in “White” (can be painted in practically any colour)
  • Also available as dresser
[Translate to en:] Einbauschrank und Sideboard im skandinavischen Stil
  • Door programme: PINATO with panelling in “Cream White“ (also available with smooth surface)
  • Ceiling rail with profiled crown moulding also in “Cream White”
  • Special features: matching drawers with soft self-close mechanism

Turning disadvantages into advantages - this is now possible with the customised built-in wardrobes by CABINET. Especially in intricate space situations or nooks, a premanufactured wardrobe often reaches its limit, and thus the living area cannot be fully utilised.

The customised CABINET built-in wardrobes provide an interesting alternative here, as even the trickiest corners can be transformed into clever storage space. With the help of an exact measurement of the site, the available space is optimally utilised, and thus appropriate solutions can be designed for any room conditions.

Customised one of a kind built-in wardrobes by CABINET - the most elegant solution to turn a nook into a stylish storage area.

Covering your nooks with sliding doors - this clever idea has been successfully implemented by the cabinet system manufacturer in Kerpen for centuries. Thanks to innovative technology, sliding doors by CABINET can be opened and closed virtually soundless and, upon request, even automatically. The so-called soft close mechanism brakes the door shortly before the stop, and then lets it lock into its final position – whether it is opened or closed. This is how easily amazing storage spaces are created that can be individually arranged and designed.

It goes without saying that you will enjoy a large degree of flexibility in selecting the design of your customised built-in wardrobe. Not only do the sliding and hinged doors shine in the colours of choice, but the drawers can also be designed to your liking. Practical arrangements inside the drawer provide additional order in stylish wood/microfibre (SOLEGO) or aluminium/felt (OMBREGO) variants.

Built-in Wardrobe made-to-measure