Sliding Doors made-to-measure

The original idea of simply closing off nooks with sliding doors to gain practical storage space is still being dynamically developed and perfected at CABINET today. In addition to state-of-the-art machines and powerful computers, manual work and a lot of heart and soul play the main roles – because our custom-made sliding doors are still assembled by hand in our own factory in Kerpen-Buir.

Only high-quality materials are used, such as real concrete, valuable wood, leather, glass, wallpaper and many other structured surfaces. You can even have our custom-made sliding doors painted in all common RAL colours. With this special design scope, our sliding doors can be perfectly integrated into the ambience of your home.

In over 40 years, we have developed comprehensive expertise and outstanding quality so that our customers can trust us completely.

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank von CABINET mit Atrio Regal in weiß
Dachschraegenschrank Cabinet weiß und Lloyd Loom

Flexible to use

Having a lot of space is a dream. But with the right planning and a little creativity, even small rooms can look good. The special thing about CABINET: our sliding doors are always detached from the carcass. This means even the smallest of spaces can have a walk-in wardrobe. Even in particularly narrow or confined spaces where other wardrobes reach their limits, our sliding door wardrobes create additional storage space because they are not bulky so hardly take up any room.

Rooms cleverly divided

Our custom-made room divider is a great way to visually separate individual areas without having to add more walls. They are designed in such a way that, if desired, each side can match the ambience of the room. Various decors and colours ensure the highest degree of individuality here.

Smooth-running sliding doors thanks to CABINET roller technology

In order to make them particularly smooth-running, a special rolling technology was developed for the customised sliding doors from CABINET: the specially shaped rollers only have a minimal contact area and only touch the upper edge of the rails. In addition, our CleanTrac rollers with two fine brushes ensure that the rails are kept clean. So the optimal running performance of our sliding doors is not affected by dirt and dust particles. CABINET also provides a ten-year guarantee on the perfect functioning of the sliding door roller technology.

Moving image on your cabinet

At first glance, it looks like a normal sliding door, but it’s really something special: at the touch of a button, part of your cabinet front becomes a TV screen. With the innovative CABImedia system and the invisible technology behind it, you can turn your dream cabinet into a projection screen for your favourite series and films. Recessed in painted glass or hidden behind a magic mirror that allows the display to appear only when switched on. High resolution and rich sound that uses the entire door as a sound box – without additional speakers.

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