New at CABINET: Your cupboard in the paint of your choice

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Colors have a huge impact on us and our wellbeing. They trigger certain sensations in us and help determine how comfortable we feel at home, how stimulated or productive we are and whether we really feel at home in our apartment. So it's even more important to have the courage to show your colors and dare to try something new. With the right tones, you can easily create an oasis of well-being in the bedroom, a place of productivity in the study or a place to relax in the bedroom.

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Now new at CABINET: Thanks to "paint on request", our custom-made furniture can now be matched in color to your interior design concept. Whether cupboards in earthy tones, room dividers as an accent color in the room or even sideboards in the Pantone trend color: CABINET no longer sets any limits to the design. This creates very special cupboards that perfectly match the ambience of the room in terms of color.

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